Monday, April 28, 2008


Homework is utterly impossible with weather like this. As if i don't have enough distractions. Math took me an extra extra long time because
1: it's new stuff that my mind hasn't comprehended yet.
2: i didn't even want to try to understand.
3: It was way to beautiful outside to do math. So i layed there.
And my camera found it's way to my hands so vola! Another distraction. Yes, so far i've got 6 problems done,...only because they're multiple choice in the book and they have the answers in the back for the odd. Yes cheater-face i know but i do try the odds and then check to see if i'm right. Of course that was until i was almost done with my assignment...then i got the hard part of the answer from the back. I really had no idea how to get the full thing.

I took nate out driving today, he's doing good! Trying to get the braking part down, not that the 'stop the car' part is hard. It's stopping it without the jolt every time that he's frustrated with. :D oh the good ole days of learning how to drive. But while we were out driving in circles in none the less parking lot, the weather was fabulous. Warm, kind of windy, the suns going down...perfect. So i decided to go running/walking. Whatever my body felt like going for. I got some good time in, haven't been running forever so i was proud. But of course the moments that have all the natural beauty, i don't' have my camera. There's this tree full of white blossoms, gorgeous looking and behind the sun is down and the sky is lite up in a mass of pinks. So this white blossomed tree was silhouetted against a pink arrayed sky. Oh it deserved a picture. But no, who takes their camera with them when they go running? Not me.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


You walk in either feeling positive about the score you'll earn, or you're just there to get this dang test over with and go back home to sleeping! I walked in, feeling like, okay. i'll give this a shot. Just take it, do your best. And honestly i was hoping for at least a 25. So anticipation has been building up knowing i can find out my score on the 23. Today!! I'm at the computer lab for english..supposed to be taking the Core testing over a 3-day span. Yup finished the first day. So I decided i'm gonna find out my score! But of course, i've forgotten my password and login name. Great. I get to wait for them to e-mail my information to me. Yes it's here! The anticipation builds...i click the "view you scores" button! And it all plumets to the bottom of my stomache...23. ouch. Sure that's "good" but not what i was hoping for! Reading:24. English:22. Math:23 and Science:21

Monday, April 21, 2008


Prom is soo over-rated!! >:[ I don't know if it's just been this year, some fever going around, but i have no desire to go. I'd rather party up in Salt Lake with ma girls. Prom is fabulous wonderful if there's someone your likin and that whole she-bang but hey, that's not everyone! grrrmehmehmmmmgrrrr

So i decided to add up all the money i've spent on gas from the past 7 months. What a bad idea. 300 bucks shot up into the sky by my car. How depressing is that. But the crap thing is, there's not a whole lot i can do about it. You can drive less of course, but you still have school, and work, and a life.. But i'm already at the cheapest place i know, with a card getting cents off for buying groceries at Maceys. I'm already doing as much as i can. And that's how much gets wasted! Urghh!! It makes me nauseated. That's a lot of money.

So i also heard for the first time about the polygamists in Texas. What the heck!!? They disgust me. Freakin sac-religious, "The LDS church has strayd form its original doctrine by abandoning the practice of polygamy in 1890..." Are you kidding me? And you call yourself part LDS going off and getting 14 year olds pregnant. Yeah...good one. But sorry that's a negative ghost rider. They had over 400 kids in that little community, who knows how many actual wifes and husbands.. ughhh*shivers*. That's disgusting.

I probably shouldn't read the newspaper because i get annoyed with what idiotic things people do! Like the great-grandfather charged in child sex-abuse the great-granddaughters...ahh!!! Sicko freak of mind! Psychotic unnatural horrific old man!
see..this is what the news does to me. Not good.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

spring break

Spring break = work, lazyness, work, sand dunes, work, work.

But! I found the craziest thing while work was slow... check this out. Pretty much i am unworthy to touch a piece of paper again. This guy has insane talent, and lots of time... But i must say i'm impressed. I wish i had some mind boggling talent like that..

So today we went up to the sand dunes with cousins. That place is genious. Some random out in the boonies spot and magically there are giant piles of sand. Everywhere else has some sort of life..trees, but this giant sand bowl just sits in the middle of nowhere. It's awesome. I've only been there once before and it was a long time ago..when i wouldn't drive the 4-wheeler myself in the dunes..everywhere else was fine but the dunes are freaky. I would sit behind my dad..(i swear it's worse sitting with him that it probably would've been actually driving) He likes to stop and hover right at the top edge, as you peer down to a gut wrenching drop, He lingers,..and plunges! And you clutch for dear life and you fly down this hill of sand and speed up the oncoming side.

People are crazy drivers at the dunes. Your scared to rush up over the side because some moron might be plunging down toward you. So you can see why i would much rather ride on the back with my dad...then try finding my way around there. So i get myself ready to head up on the 4-wheeler with my pa..but nope. I'm immediately let known that i will be driving my own and will be following dad. Okay, i can do least i'll be behind him.... So to get up into the dune area you have to speed up a hill...yea i didn't have enough momentum, my 4-wheeler stopped right near the close to making the hill! So lucky me, i get to reverse back down and floor it up! But ya know, i actually like driving it myself. As long as i'm following someone, my dad can find good hills. I love the way your body naturally flows and moves with the landscape while you drive over hills and turns. You feel like you've been doing this your whole life.

So today was only a day up in the morning, play around, have lunch, play and go home when you want. So we only brought food for one meal. um meal that could feed people for 3!! I'm tellin ya, we definately have a thing for food.
So i got sunburned today, only on my face, mostly on my cheeks. And now i look like some ditsy bubblehead who puts on too much blush. ugh

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

spring break!

I love breaks from school. Heaven on earth. I slept in till 10..woke up to french toast for breakfast..Yum oh deliciousness.. 20 min. showers are divine and i had to cool the water down cause my body was so relaxed i couldn't move. Taking as long as i want to get ready makes a long time of music listening/book reading inbetween the hair straightening.

I'm now onto a new book, having just finished Moment of Truth. My next book is one i mooched off of It's called The Secret Life of Bees. And i love it so far. The language in the book is so rich and velvety, it flows just like..honey. The pictures in my mind when i read it are so vivid and picturesque i want to be there. It's that fantasy summer where everything has a yellow glow to it, the air with specs of sparkling sunlit dust that move lazily. You feel wrapped in warmth and nature.

Monday, April 14, 2008


You love it, and never realize how much you depend on it, until it crashes leaving you nothing. Yes this is what happened at work. The program we depend upon to ring up all the transactions..decided to take a break. I have no idea why, but of course it's during a time when we're busy and the bosses are gone. So we bust out the calculators and start doing the math! Praise the heavens for old fashioned ways. We finally got the system to boot up again and to stop kicking us off the program after kendall deliberated with the phone for some time. He at least feels proud for rescuing the system. (even though the lady on the phone was controlling the mouse on the computer. He just watched...Hahah punk) We might as well let him have this small glory, he doesn't get much very often ;) But at least the customers were somewhat understanding. Now no one likes to stand in a line and give us their credit card number because they don't have cash, but they were all understanding enough. It didn't ruin my day at all. In fact, work went by so fast! Yes! That's the best, 7 hours of work felt like 4. Miracle.


I finished off my old journal the other day..this one took me 10 months and 7 days to finish! Not even a year! I was excited. So i bought myself a new one.. and it's leather. ooh it's gorgeous. I'm in love with it. The pages are a cream colour. New journals are just exciting.

So i'm at work right now..a loner cashier. It's depressing working by yourself.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

plane rides

Today in Sacrament meeting, there was one story that stuck out so much to me. I absolutely loved it, and since I can't find it anywhere on the internet, i'm just going to rephrase it as best i remember...

There was a man on a plane and while sitting there he soon heard the captain overhead, speaking with a calm voice he said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, because of the turbulence of the storm coming up, we will be unable to serve our beverages. Please if you could remain seated with your seatbelts fastened. Thank you for your cooporation." Passengers immediately strapped in and stayed there. The flight was intense, full of violent rises with the wind, to sudden drops as if the plane was falling to crash. it was bumpy and nerve racking, but as the man looked aorund, he saw a little girl-sitting by herself with her feet tucked in under her legs reading. She would put the book down, close her eyes and stretch out, and then continue reading. she was completely fine and calm.
The man was intrigued by this little girl and at the end of the flight he waited as all the other passengers hurried off. He went up to her and asked her name. "Ashley" she replied. he then asked, "How come you were so calm and not frightened while the plane was in the storm? Weren't you scared?" She then answered, "I'm not scared, my dad's the pilot, he's taking me home."

How amazng is this little girls' faith. If we all had that much trust with our Heavenly Father as with this girl and her dad, what need would we ever have to fear? god is our pilot and even though the journey can get ruff, he'll get us there saftly. He knows it will get bumpy and we can get scared, but if we trust in our Father in Heaven, we will always be lead. He will never lead us off course or abandon us. We need to have faith in him and be bale to take lives problems with an understanding that He'll guide us and help us to the end. To be calm like the little girl on the plane, who trusted her dad so completely, the turbulence of the plane had no effect on her.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Windows down

The best way to drive home from school equals the combination of windows down, and blaring music that we party to, along with the questioning sidelong glances from passing drivers. Windy days are also a plus, it adds umph to the hair when you turn corners. Because your hair gets blown on only one side, so you have flailing hair poofed out to extremeties, but it's only half of your hair! Good party-burst-your-lungs-singin-songs: Here in your arms, Grace Kelly, Without Love, Boy from new york city, brink of disaster, Carry on my wayward son, Come go with me, that's how you know, the curse of curves, there's a class for this, I want you back...and as many others as you can think of.

For all you devoted Twilight fans like's a clip showing all the characters they've picked out for the movie. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Weird day was fine. I finished reading Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. I absolutely love that play. I saw it twice when BYU put it on. And my cousin was snug the joiner! aka: the lion! hehe. And happiness is found with random notes left on your windshield from a friend. But after school things haven't stayed at the same good level.. we lost our soccer game was bad. And cold! The wind was crisp and icy. And driving home, my eye decides..yes this is a good time to freak out and hurt and water uncontrollably. (see it's doing it now) So i pull over and get my contact out, after much hard work from a hurting eye that doesn't want to open. So driving home the rest of the way i play around, looking out my eye with no am i blind. Everything is out of focus. Good thing i have my other contacted eye to use. So i'm driving with one eye open..people probably think that's smart. But hey, it's better then blury right?

Is anyone else confused with this online registration for my high school? All i want is Medical English..its only taught why isn't it on the list? The other english class that period..only accomadates persons second semester. Apparently first semester is full...but it's a full year class?? Why are there seats open only half of the year!? So besides english and the fact that i only needed .25 does someone end up .25 short of an elective? Classes give at least i'm confused on the whole half of a half semester. So!!! Besides having the now have a class period A4 2nd semester..this is my schedule..
A1: Chamber
A2: Acapella
A3: MATC // seminary
A4: MATC // Aerobics

B1: English?? (no clue right now)
B2: Health Science Advanced
B3: Seminary // Gov & Cit
B4: Chemistry

Sunday, April 6, 2008

General Conference/// 10 years..

Well, another General Conference has gone by. President Monson spoke at the end of the Sunday afternoon meeting and like always told some stories. He's such a cute, funny man. I'm not sure I've gotten use to the fact that President Hinckley isn't there but I'll get use to Monson, and he'll be an awesome president.

From Saturday morning, this phrase stuck out to me that i loved, "Those who do not give up, will find that God never gave up." That was said by Henry B. Erying. But from all the sessions, sunday afternoon, i thought, was full of talks that had meaningful sayings. Well, of course what i was awake for but i really enjoyed Jeffrey R. Hollands talk, David A. Bednar and W. Craig Zwick, and of course President Monson's at the end.

So today we were at my grandparents house and mom was telling her cousin that came by to visit that Amie, the youngest, was 10. And i started 10 years, my parents will have the house to themselves. Amie will be 20 and at college. And then of course i thought of my older sister, she'll be 29!! She'll most likely have kids and i'll be an aunt! And 10 years down for me i'll be 27 and hopefully a mom, wife, and aunt. How exciting! Mom and Dad will be grandparents! hahha that was a scary thought for them to hear. Nathan will be back from his mission and 25, maybe married, probably the stud he is ;). Natalie will be 23, and if she went on a mission, she'll be returning. What a strange thought to think 10 years ahead.. What will i look like? My job, husbands job, who will he be, kids?, house, where will i live, college? 10 years is a lot, but at the same time it's not. It kind of sychs you out.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


OOOH!! i miss those good ole days of jr. high soccer! ha our team, we pretty much thought we were the Our lucky grass braclets, dancegirls leaps as she dove for the ball, whots power kick, body slammin u-huh that's our ball get out of the way tip toes. Rotations to being goalie and everyone hated it! It's an intense spot! That ball will always have one mark, and that's past you, and you have to sacrifice your body, face, whatever needs be in order to keep that ball out. Yeah...those were the days.
I finally got to go to the guys soccer game today...and freak we lost 3-1 to gay Lone Peak...grr. We'd only lost one game so far this season before this game. It was a pretty intense game, made oh more delightful with the provided comintary of dancergirl. She got the honor of catching the ball as it flew off the field right into her outstretched arms. Woo!! We had soo many close goals though, grr i don't know why we didn't win. I think our team went into it a bit cocky, i know mexi was playing up the cocky walk, all looks and no action! Speed up boy gosh dangit! So next games at lehi. Freakin out in the boonies and that's where we play our home games. Dumbest thing i've ever heard. We better win the next game. Go PG!!