Thursday, August 21, 2008


Wow! Things a little hectic trying to get my life back to a pattern. But i am in love with just about every class! A-days are for sure my favorite. I have Chamber choir first period and then stay in the room for Acapella choir second period. After that i have an hour to eat, do whatever before i have to be to my MATC class for CNA. Kathryn and i took it together and i'm so glad! The class is small.. around 22 students and we all have a passion for the medical field. So even though the class is 3 hours long, i don't even notice. I love the information, i soak it up. We have a lot of work outside of the class, but that's alright. I can deal with that.

My b-days are alright, getting better/worse. I've been trying to get into a medical english class, but the only way that's happening is if someone drops out..and so far that's not happening. So i have seminary B1... then i have health science advanced, which i am also in love with! My teacher is so scatter brained and crazy i love him. But i'm really excited to get farther into that class. After that i head off to Mythology english. Which is interesting and all, but i'd prefer medical english. I have some fun people in there...and some crazy emo's. It's a bit twisted. My b-day comes to a close with chemistry. My teacher seems pretty cool, but i'm am in a class FULL of sophmores. No joke. I know one senior... who is so annoying i don't know what to do with myself. And one fabulous junior whose in chamber with she's keeping me sane. :D But all in all, i'm loving school. I really enjoy my classes and seeing everyone again. It's fun. :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Work Parties

There's always some people you would rather not work with...everywhere that you work. And i'm saying the same thing, but just looking at my cashier girls...we are sisters. It's weird really how well we get along. We have cashier parties probably every month where just us girls get together and hang out. Cause there's only so much talking you can do while working.. But we decided to have a cashier camp out! They did one last year and apparently it was awesome. So we met up at the store and headed up!

And oh my goodness did we have fun. I don't know what was in the air..maybe our neighbors with the beer put something in their tin foil we borrowed... but we were laughing the whole time. I would write down the funny sayings we said in my phone and were they plentiful.

Alyssa presented to us her sound of a dying cow... (the videos really pretty much can't see anything.. but it's hilarious to listen to :D)

Ariel was our 80's girl. And the girlfriend off of parent trap when they go hiking... it was great.

I think we finally got around to eating our brinner (breakfast dinner) around 10. We brought up one pan, so we started cooking ontop of the inside of the dutch oven lid. It was pretty awesome.

I don't know why things were so funny, but all of us were dying..haha our drunk neighbors must of been having fun listening to us.

I finally got home at 1:00..and lucky me i got to open the store the next morning at 7. So i was gonna get up early and shower..but there was no way i was gonna sleep on my nasty fire camp smelling hair. ugh puke. So i finally rolled into bed 1:30 and dreamed the whole night about driving down the canyon.. restless sleep. That part sucked. But otherwise.. i wish i could have slept up there!! We had soo much fun!

Friday, August 8, 2008


This week = insane. I have a family reunion for my grandma packard's side of the family this Friday/Saturday. But of course knowing the Packards, all the families come in a week early. So it has been family galore! But i absolutely love it. I love having a ton of cousins. There's eleven of us just my age. My grandma has 101 grandkids, and 49 greatgrandkids. So there's enough of us to go around.

Staying at my house is Uncle Bennet and Aunt Jenna with all their ADORABLE kids. :D they are so so cute. They are Haley, Alice, Esther, Faye, Floyd, Forest, Ruthie, and Celeste. Oh my i just want to eat them up all the time.

So everyday this week after i get off work, i head up to Grandpa's house to have dinner and hang with all the fam! It's been pretty crazy and i'm definately feeling those miles in gas prices. Ugh. But i'm alright with it this week.

Wednesday we all went up to Lagoon and played up there! Oh my heck, way wayyy too much fun. :) All us teenagers were together and were just go go go! In our group was the guys... Quinton, Kent, Spencer, Nate, Jordan, Reed, Ben, and James. The girls... Aubrey, Mckenna, Emma and me. We hit Wicked twice, Colossus...probably 5 or 6 times, Cliffhanger, mouse/rollercoaster, the white rollercoaster a good 5 or 6 times also (short lines!), ferris wheel, water slide,and the chair lift 3 faboulous times ;) Inside jokes are now again plentiful.