Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chalk Festival!

So Saturday afternoon we went up to Salt Lake City to see the Chalk Festival! Chalk is amazing, and i am now going to create insane masterpieces of chalk drawings all over my driveway. Really, these people have talent. I felt bad for one girl, you could tell it was her picture and some retard lady just walks on it!! I just about yelled at her. I mean, come on.. this isn't just cement. It's art! Her nasty shoes just tainted it. Ugh. People. Some little kids start walking over it too, and i yelled at them. I don't think they heard though cause we were up on the second floor. I can't decide which of them was my favorite, but i'm really diggin Indian Jones. That ones crazy. Can you say realistic... yes. Another favorite was of the Taj Mahal... wow. gorgeous. muah. loves to the Taj Mahal.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Busy busy beginning summer

Well since summer has began i've been a crazy girl. Well, things have been crazy. I started off at my medical camp, which was so cool! It was only three days, but every day we got to do two hour shadows in different areas of the hospital. I came to find that i love the hospital. I feel like i just need to work there. I love how everyone is so in love with their job. They'll all tell you they have the best job out of the many jobs you could have at a hospital. I'm leaning toward being a Radiologist. I love x-rays, i think they are so interesting! And radiologist are everywhere in the hospital... which i would love.

While i was at my medical camp, my Grandma on my mom's side passed away. And it really didn't hit me until i walked in the next tuesday on her funeral for her viewing. Seeing her there so still... But to make things even more conflicting, i was at EFY the week of her funeral. So i left Tuesday morning for the funeral and then came back up to EFY later. But the funeral, was one of the hardest days i've had but it was an amazing experience for me still. The knowledge i gained, and that funeral was really, an amazing service.

So to make things up to date, i am now back from EFY, where i atteneded at the U. I loved it. My group was the coolest there!! No lie!! All of us had our inside moves and chants that we'd do everywhere... everyone would look at us and wish that they were in our group. My girls, were awesome. All of us bonded like sisters. I even started talking like them. Believe me it's hard not to when you have 2 from kansas, 2 from texas and 1 from georgia. Talk about southern accent taking over!! Our company won first place in the cheer off too!! yup, we partied.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


My new found obsession is taking pictures of food. Don't ask me why, but i love it. My lovely sand coated apple was discovered at...none other but the sand dunes. Fitting huh. Another new found love; being the first to open the tub of butter. Exciting discoveries lie in wait. Perfectly swirled golden butter. Picturesque i'd say. But then again, that's my food obsession coming out. I must sound like some food junkie, barely able to get myself off the couch. Ya i can see that. But no worries, that's what bike ridings for. I really don't think i need to lose weight anyways. I just need muscle. I'm a wuss. That's what i told the army national guard guy that called me this morning. Can you imagine me, in the army?! Ha scoff and scorns there. I'd never survive.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Do you see this rediculous sunburn. Lame swimsuit strings... Who gets a sunburn like this..oh me me!! Pick me! yeah no thank you.

New book i've started on. The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay. We watched the movie in english and i LOVED it. But's sad. Totally throws you off at the end, you just jump and wave your arms around stuttering like a moron. My class just about had a meltdown. But in accordance to a jewelery seller in Hawaii, the book is far above the movie. So i'm excited to read it and find out for myself.

So tomorrow, another bike ride to work! Last friday, 5 out of 7 of us at work rode our bikes. We have gone eco-friendly. I love it.