Saturday, January 19, 2013

Learning from Hinckley

I'm still reading the biography of President Gordon B. Hinckley. It's a big book if you've never picked it up before. I've come to find that I hardly knew anything about Gordon B. Hinckley's life and his time serving the church. One thing that I've loved though is the details that have been given. President Monson's biography never quite delved into the hardships that the brethren go through when serving in high positions of the church but President Hinckley gives it straight and true. It's something that I've really appreciated as I've been stumbling around trying to figure out how to fulfill my calling in the way it needs to be. I know that I'll never have the amount or type of stress that this man went through every day but it's comforting to know the human side of him. The side that felt lonely and weighed down. President Hinckley gave a BYU devotional address in 1969 title The Loneliness of Leadership. He talked about the Savior and how he was a man who walked in loneliness. He talked about Joseph Smith. He talked about missionaries and converts, the loneliness that they each go through. He talked about the loneliness of testimony. It seems like such a downer talk but I think just the fact that one of the leaders of the Church addressed this and put it into perspective makes it easier to carry on and keep going.
"And when the declaration was made concerning the only true and living Church upon the face of the earth, we were immediately put in a position of loneliness, the loneliness of leadership from which we cannot shrink nor run away and which we must face up to with boldness and courage and ability."

President Hinckley is amazing. He is such an example to me and I've loved reading about his life. He is so human but yet so incredible in all of his many talents. I can't even begin to try and spill some sort of summary of his talents but this next quote from him helps give a small understanding. 

"None of us... knows enough. The learning process is an endless process. We must read, we must observe, we must assimilate, and we must ponder that to which we expose our minds. I believe... in the evolution of the mind, the heart, and the soul of man. I believe in improvement. I believe in growth." -President Hinckley

Obviously the learning process is going to be uncomfortable as well. It's going to pull us and push us till we feel we're being ripped apart. But all I want to say is I am so extremely happy with my life right now. I love where I am at. I'm almost done with my program. I have a fantastic ward where I'm surrounded with friends who I always have a good time with. The group is always extending out and making new friends and I love it. I love living at home where I'm surrounded by family. Life is good. I'm happy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Snapshot Year

Goodbye 2012.
This last year I survived another 3 semesters in my radiology tech program. I got a straight up 4.0 GPA for each semester. (Once I got my system down, school was easy.) I stopped working at the mall. I turned 21. I officially became an aunt. I got my limited practical licence in radiography and got a job at the hospital. I worked my first 12 and 13 hour shift. I totaled a car and came away with just a bruise on my knee. I read the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants. I went to the World Superbike Races. I went sailing on the Great Salt Lake. I went paddle boarding. I participated in a chalk art festival and got my picture in the newspaper. Heather and I celebrated our 11th bone marrow transplant birthday. A friend and I tried out a dating website for fun and I totally ended up dating someone. I, as always, learned a lot from the experience. I got a new calling as the Relief Society President in my singles ward and I have the best group of friends from that ward. I fell in love with the band Imagine Dragons. I'm still living at home and I'm perfectly okay with that.
Hello 2013.