Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beginnings of life in Covington

After a not so bad 26 hour drive across the United States, we finally arrived in Covington, Louisiana. Our new home. We split up the drive between 3 days. The first day we made it to Amarillo, TX which was a 13 hour drive. Day 2 we drove to Shreveport, LA which took us 8 hours. And the last day was 5 hours to Covington. (It definitely helps when you make the first day as long as you can. The days after seem easy in comparison!)

I did pretty good on the drive as far as my emotions went. But the hour before we got to Covington, I started getting anxiety, which I mostly expressed in the form of being a "keep your eyes on the road!" sort of backseat driver to Nate. 

I really like Covington. I like the size of it. It's smaller, but still big enough to where you have all the major stores you want. The main thing we don't have is a Costco, but I found out today that there's one across Lake Pontchartrain in Metairie. But there's also a Sam's Club 15 minutes away as well. Our apartment is off of the main road that runs through town but it's tucked back in the trees away from the main road. 

The humidity hasn't been terrible. But when the sun is out on full blast... gahhhh it's bad. If it's overcast, I don't mind it as much. It feels good on my dry Utah skin right now. The lady showing us around a furniture store gave us some advice about the humidity. She told us to "get a drink. Get a few drinks and after that you won't even care." Obviously she didn't know that we don't drink and the only thing we'd be having is water, which I'm pretty sure I would still care about the humidity after drinking water, so.... wasted advice. 

I like our apartment right now as much as I can, seeing that we have a cheap air mattress as our only furniture. Yes, that baby serves as a bed, couch, and seat... stupid thing. We have what we brought in our car. Which was basically vacation essentials for 2 weeks, along with cleaning supplies that our movers wouldn't transport. Oh and my 2 little house plants. They survived the drive! We have no cooking ware. No pots, pans, silverware, baking dishes, cooking utensils... the works. We bought paper goods to use, cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and microwave dinners. It's a blast. 

We bought a hibiscus plant for our little patio and finally some chairs to go out there last night. (We finally have something to sit on other then the floor!) The hibiscus plant is doing pretty well and we already have a couple of blooms! 

This is the view from our apartment patio. I secretly love it. I love that there are no buildings behind us. I just stand out there at night and listen to all of the noises from whatever bugs/creatures/animals are out there. They really are quite loud. Also, no crocodile has been spotted yet. I'm on the lookout.