Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pumpkin Carving

I love pumpkin carving. It's my favorite thing about Halloween. Scott on the other hand, hates basically every aspect of Halloween, including carving pumpkins. :( Don't be fooled by him smiling in this picture, he was actually mad because I was taking a picture instead of opening the door. 
But, being the gracious husband that he is, he finally agreed to carve one pumpkin. 
I just find it funny that he had to find the largest pumpkin in the bin to carve.

Have I told you that we have an awesome ward? Well, we do.
We got together with two other families in the ward and all carved pumpkins. It was so nice to be with friends and have a big group carving. That's how it always was for me at home so I'm glad this year Scott and I could get out and be with friends from the ward.

Scott's pumpkin. If you aren't familiar with hunting items, it's the Browning symbol.

This year I felt like going for a classic Halloween image.

Here's some of the other pumpkins carved. Don't you love the puking pumpkin and the pumpkin eating someone... haha classic.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cheap-o Decor over here

I've had some spare time on my hands you might say and our apartment was seriously lacking in seasonal decorations. Granted it still is because my decor is tiny but I finally finished my last Halloween embroidery! 
I love them. The witch silhouette is probably my favorite.

I kept seeing different leaf garland projects on pinterest so I combined aspects and wound up with this little guy. I like him too. 

So yeah, they're small but it makes the apartment feel just a tiny bit more cozy and well, lived in I guess. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Utah in the Fall

I knew I was going to miss the mountains when I moved, but I didn't realize quite how much. Especially when fall came around and my Instagram and Facebook feeds were full of the changing colors in the mountains.
This picture is from Scott's parent's back yard, those mountains have been the background of most of my life. They have always been that close.
The south has giant trees, everywhere. They are my distraction from how flat Covington is. But everything is still so green! I've seen one tiny little baby tree change colors so far. It's pathetic.

 But Scott, being the perfect husband for me, knew that a quick trip home was needed. Not just for the fall leaves but to be around family. The honeymoon phase of moving to a new exciting place has worn off and it's been a little hard.
I've missed being surrounded by people I know. 
Also, dry air is the most wonderful thing.
And humidity is not. :)

But enough of my whining. I just want to look at my views through the canyon. 

This is our candid I-thought-we-were-done-taking-pictures-faces... I love it.

Don't worry guys. I'm happy. I have the best husband in the world for me. As long as he's here, I'm okay.
Thanks Utah for a wonderful quick weekend. You're awesome.