Saturday, May 31, 2008

New favorite scars

These are the babies. Pretty sweet. Perfect little circles. Story behind them... well miss katie showed me this AMAZING park. But it's late, completely dark. More fun though. We get to the top of this playground and decide, hey good idea to do a little train down this slide. No. Bad. The slide was one where it's completely closed in. So going down it, yeah my knees pop up and i get a burn from the slide. hahah i think they look hilarious. I like them.

I have officially proclaimed a new record for myself...of how many wrappers a recees cup came in. I had 4! wrappers on one recees cup. How incredibly insane! What a waste, but at least it gives me something to excite over. Oh and was it exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and my victory.

Focus...focus.... focus... what to focus on??


Wow, cleaning frenzy. I'm in that mood. Thursday morning was spent completely on my room. I went bezerk. Finally got rid of my electric blanket. haha bout time right. cleaned out my closet shelves, organzied my school crap, vacumned, organized EVERYTHING in my sight. It was sweet. When i get in these moods, i love cleaning and organizing. I like things to look good and clean. Well, we're onto saturday and now we get the whole house. Blast some Mamma Mia! and get to work. No biggie. That's how i roll.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Summer started with rain...not surprising with the insane utah weather we've been experiencing. But that's okay, rain's pretty. And hey, no school. So i'm not complaining.

I finished reading The Host, by Stephenie Meyer. Another amazing, suck-you-in book to add to her list. I don't know how she does but i love it. She created the most complicated love triangle i've ever read or seen in my life. That's a skill.

New found song i love = The Call by Regina Spektor. It's at the end of Prince Caspian. Which is another good movie also. I thought they did a fabulous job.

This is so school. I don't think i've completely grasped that idea yet. I feel like i have something i'm supposed to be doing. Obviously not since i'm rambling on here.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Kite Weather

So our family went on a camping trip to Antelope Island, in the Great Salt Lake. Yeah, i will admit i thought it was going to be questionable. But truth be told it was pretty fun. We had intense wind. Ooh the funness of wind.
Well my dad being the kite man he is, brought up one of his older kites and a new stunt kite we got him for his birthday. They were sweet! There was so much wind you were literally pulled. You'd have to stop yourself from blowing with the kite by pushing against a rock.

I've never flown a kite before and let me tell you, it's tricky. I had a lovely share of straight down plummets into the ground. But i'm learning. I got the spinning down, and am working on the sideways flow...trying to get it close to the ground and stream past people. It's awesome. But kites i've found are a new love. I'm gonna buy one and stick it in my car, along with my racquettball, tennis and soccer equipment. Oh, i'll be ready for that wind. Bust out my kite! BAM! We're good.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What happened to my sun!

Brr. It's freezing and the wind is kicking up it's gear. 19 mph. I went to the lacrosse game, and the left side of my face was frozen. Yup, only that ear. Weird sensation. We lost, last game. hoo-ray,, kinda.

So my sister is coming home tomorrow! We're gonna play. Dye hair, watch 27 dresses! Yes and we will splurg our faces out. I'm excited. muchos.

Soccer tonight, not going. It's over at our "home" field. aka Lehi. Lame lame lame. It's too cold anyways. I didn't even watch the whole lacrosse game and i was frozen. I'm a wuss.

We only have a month left of school...weird. I'm ready for warmth.

Sweet 2-0 at half time. We're playing Spanish Fork. Go Vikings!