Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some Things

So... I read the wrong time to cook the cookies... and I thought they turned out to be a lovely color!

And here's my pumpkin!

Friday, October 23, 2009


This is our fish, Mack Daddy. He's a beauty isn't he! They had these other AWESOME glo fish... pink, orange, and yellow. Can you just imagine the greatness? But they needed a filter and all that mechanical fluff, so we went cheap with a betta!
In my communications class we were shown this video that talks about how mens brains are different then womens brains. I loved it. So, here's the link! Enjoy :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Let's Dance

So my roommies and I were going through my videos I've taken last night, because they're all untitled... so we needed to fix that. I came across this one. Story: I was sitting at the kitchen table, and I happened to look up and out through the blinds. This guy was out there dancing his little heart out like crazy. I couldn't help but record him. Except it took me forever to find my camera so I missed most of the good dancing :( But I thought the video included some of his excellent moves.

My favorite thing in the morning is seeing katie's various sleeping positions. They kill me.
So I have this roommate....who is still learning about the dishwasher. She thought it was full so she washed and stacked a mountain of dishes..... The dishwasher was stark empty. I had to laugh at the scene.

Sand Dunes

I had a couple friends from my Europe trip come up and visit me this weekend :) I love those girls. They made my weekend. But we decided to head to the sand dunes. We've been having great weather this week so the sand dunes sounded perfect.

Brianna and Angel!

The roommies :) gorgeous sunset by the way

Okay so the story about this heart. While we were playing around this cat and dog found us. Cute pets, they were hyper active and extremely friendly. But we were all writing giant words in the sand and I decided I wanted to do a heart. So I get my outline done and this cat pounces over to edge, digs a hole and takes a crap in my heart outline!!! DAH I was mad. So I chased the cat across the dunes until it found a bush. And plus by that time I was dead tired. Running in sand is a killer.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Patience is a virtue.
That I'm learning.
Through a certain roommate.
23 and in the freshman dorms?
Don't worry just give me a minute.
I'm almost halfway through this semester.

Oh yeah and our leaves we played in the other day... got mowed up.
They're gone.
Just grass now :(

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Idaho's Fall

So Idaho doesn't really have fall, they jump right into winter. But we got a little taste of fall today. And I was ecstatic. Some wonderful leaves just dropped last night, so we went and played. Notice that the leaves are still green, and not crunchy. Lame. But hey, I guess that's all I'm going to get out here. But we had fun! We gathered up as many leaves as we could into a lovely pile I must say. It felt like fall for the first time.

Friday, October 9, 2009


I sleep in between my morning classes. That one hour nap saves me.

Woke up this morning to find this outside our door. The little star in the middle says 'dave'. Okay none of us know a dave. And it says 'we' love you. But only one name? But inside this tin foil wrapped suprise was.... mashed up lemon bars? Yeah weird.

Monday, October 5, 2009


It snowed last night and enough to stick a little this morning. This is what I opened the door too along with bitting wind and more wet snow coming down. Nothing stuck to the sidewalks and now all the snow has melted but still... beginning of October? With green leaves still, no fall. Summer to winter.

We saw this sign at Kmart. You know normally sale prices are...cheaper...then the original price. But hey maybe not. What do I know.


My shower sings to me. Well, squeals would be a more fitting description.  I can even change the pitch of the squeal. Colder water creates a higher pitch; hotter water gives a lower pitch.  It's an adventure.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Missing Things.

I miss home. Being at my Aunt Esthers house with family, homemade soup... I just wanted to be home. I  miss homemade full meals. We eat and all but our real meals only happen on Sunday. Too busy to make a full on meal. It's pretty lame.
I miss fall too. Why does Idaho skip that season? All the trees here are still green but it's freezing. And windy. In a couple weeks we'll probably have snow. We'll go from green to white. No colorful red, orange, brown mountains. I miss Utah I will say though. Love ya family.