Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New found talent

When put under stress, you find what you can handle. I love my cna class, but yeah it's harder. You have to put effort in if you want the grade. You must maintain an 80% or else you can't take the test to certify. In order to pass the test, you actually need to study. I know this is new, but there are a lot of classes in school where studying for the test is optional and you can still pass.

My test on Friday is according to my teacher, one of the harder ones because of all the terms and things you need to memorize. They aren't hard to understand, there's just a ton of them. Now match me up with note cards and a highlight to color coordinate! Awesome combination. Work was a little slow so i made my note cards in between customers and when finished, i studied. A lovely fat portion of this test is prefix, suffix and roots of medical terms that range from dys to cyan to algia to osis... and anywhere inbetween.
Out of 70 note cards , 53 of them are those different parts of medical words. That's a pretty intense number, at least to me it feels like. But by the end of my 4 hour shift.. bam! I had just about all of those notecards down! I realized, i can memorize pretty darn well if you give me some note cards, and of course a highlighter to color coordinate. My cna binder is the most organized thing i own probably.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well, not much is changing. I've definitely fallen into a routine. 6:20 i'm up and washing my face. First is hair, then makeup then get dressed. Now i can get breakfast, brush my teeth and am out the door by 7:20. School's routine sets in and i follow the session. Yesterday in chamber, 2 out of the 4 soprano 2's were gone! So that was an interesting rehearsal....especially since the only other soprano 2 there really can't sight read music... she's always been a S1 so this is a new experience for her. Not the melody anymore! Acapella is...well acapella. Huge, slow moving and rarely satisfying. Kathryn and i after that get a lovely hour break before heading down to our CNA class, which i absolutely adore. It doesn't feel like 3 hours of one class..

B-days aren't as fun but still have their ups. Seminary can be spiritual as long as you aren't about to fall asleep on the desk... i was having a morning where i just couldn't wake up even though i slept a good almost 8 hours. Health Science Advanced was a little bizarre as normal. I now expect to see videos every class of a schizophrenic, hypochondriac or someone with tourettes. Pretty healthy for your subconscious huh.. Well i move onto mythology english which is interesting in itself.. along with the crazy people i have in there...aka a lovely handful of emo's that have been warning our student teacher from BYU to run and hide from our class. Not to good. And then i finish up the day with Chemistry.. oh that's a hard class to have after lunch. I'm dozing off but i know i don't understand any of it, so i have to stay awake... it's a tuff battle i fight every day in chemistry.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Amazing Neighbors

So, my mp3 player broke a couple weeks before school started. And i'm very low and tight on money right now. There was no way possible for me to buy anything new for a long time. Well talking with my neighbors who are always trying to help me :D. I told them about my choir trip to Europe..."Oh! come watch our kids! We'll give you jobs to do!" They're just awesome like that. So they hear my delima, well i want an ipod nano so bad! But there's a really cool new zen out there too that's cheaper. And me being a cheap person decides, sure go for the zen. So my neighbors let me watch their dog over the weekend while they're in oregan. $15 bucks a day, 5 days. lovely sum for watching a dog. They get back today and i'm over there talking to them... and Aaron turns to me, "okay, you can either have cash, or what's in the bag... so a hundred dollar bill or the bag.." And i'm like...uhh! i dont know!!! And aaron says back.. "The hundred or the bag! And the bag is worth more then the hundred..." hahah So i take the bag and inside is a fabulous pink ipod nano!! I was like, what!! Extremely surprised! They are just so awesome and way too kind. But yes that was my lovely story about my overly thoughtful neighbors who are just amazing. :D Thanks!!