Sunday, May 31, 2009


I am now graduated from high school! It's weird but I don't think it's really set in yet... it probably will when I attend my first class of college and realize I know no one there. But I'm glad to be done with high school. I finished out my last term with a 4.0 amazingly! Had to talk my grade up in a couple classes, but mostly it was an awesome year. I also was on the list for receiving a gold cord for graduation because of my GPA but I didn't say anything to my parents, so we never bought it.. they weren't too happy about that but what can I say, I was in a daze the last 2 weeks, things weren't entirely registering in my mind. Senioritis only came the last week and a half or so, and by that time I could sluff classes and the teaches wouldn't care. They practically told us to leave.

I've loved my senior year. I think it's been the best out of all of them. There hasn't been really any drama with the girls I haven hung out with this year, the four of us mesh pretty well together when we aren't all sleep deprived and grouchy. But I love them. I'm sad none of us are going to the same college. Ariel's going to California, her true home and she can't wait to leave us and get to a beach. Amber is staying home and going to UVU. KaLee is moving down and going to Snow, and I'm traveling up, and going to BYU Idaho. So we're all separating. Which is sad, but I'll be excited to start a new portion of my life, and meet new people.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Grand Total

With the closure of my high school career, I have decided to finish my list. A list I started in 9th grade, and of course what I kept track of, was books.
The books I've read and page numbers.
It's kind of ridiculous.
But I love it.
I would separate it into school year, then summer reading, then the next school year, and summer so I could compare when I read more. Which is definitely during the school year.
But my grand final total after 4 school years of reading is...
174 books
60,880 pages

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wonderful Neighbors

I really do have the most amazing neighbors. They do so much for me and are so wonderful to me. So this summer I'm going to Europe and Tammy went there last summer, so we were discussing money last week, and the exchange and what's the easiest to take, and today I come home and there's a letter for me. Inside is Euros, for my trip, and no small amount. Oh my goodness I just about died! So I immediately went over and gushed out my thanks. They really are so good to me. They said, "We just want you to have a wonderful time in Europe and to spend lots of money! You know how much we are for traveling!" Which is so true about them. With my Europe trip there was an extension you could take to Greece but I couldn't afford it and they wanted to pay for it. Which is ridiculous! I would never be able to repay them, well I never will be now anyways. I think I'll always be in debt to them. They are awesome. Thanks so much Aaron and Tammy! :D

Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy Weekend

Things have been so hectic with me lately! Crazy. My weekend started off with a chamber retreat up to Cameron's cabin up in Timberlakes. And I'm so glad we did another retreat because it was so much fun. There were a few 'interventions' where Todd and Cameron shouted out their issues, but no worries all was resolved. The boys played the wii for a large chunk of time, and well into the night, but a lot of it was just hanging out, eating AMAZING food, and talking. We had lots of conversations ranging from deep discussions, to embarrassing things people shouldn't walk in on. We rehearsed our songs, which was very needed in some areas but I think we'll be okay for the concert tomorrow. But chamber retreat was so much fun, I love all the people in there.

So I came home the next morning, Saturday and got ready for my Morp day date. I took Todd and we had a really fun time! During our day date, we had an ice cream sculpturing contest with our hands, and oh my freak I thought my hands were going to freeze off, the ice cream was so cold. And the activity turned into a HUGE ice cream fight. It was matted in my hair, my arms were sticky, i could feel the hardened ice cream on my forehead when I would move my eyebrows, which were also stiff was dried ice cream. So we tried washing ourselves off with the pump at the park but that only does so much... so went all went to Ariels house and jumped into her pool.. in all our clothes. Like the jean shorts and whatever we were wearing, full on clothes weigh you down goodness. You try to swim and your dragging and extra 30 pounds so your slowly sinking. It was so much fun! We all loved it.

For dinner we tied every ones wrists together and ate spaghetti with weird utensils. Like ice cream scoopers, whisks, wooden spoons, just a lot of physco utensils. Oh my word it was a blast. Morp was just so much fun. I really think it was the funnest day date i've ever been on. I'm so glad everything happened as it did!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Inspired Bicyclist

My dad showed me this video about this inspired bicyclist. It was intense. I was inspired.
He literally has no bounds, he can go anywhere.