Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today after devotional I hung out with some people at the crossroads (where everyone eats on campus). I know the guys from playing ultimate frisbee with them and the girl I recognized from my choir class. So we're there just talking, having a good time playing some music and this kid walks up and sits with us. I'm a little confused, maybe these guys know him? I don't know so whatever I just play along. This mystery person is on the shorter side, short curly white blonde hair, had a pink paisley tie on and just someone a little different I guess I'll say. So he's all going on about how cool we are cause we were listening to awesome music. So I keep just wondering about this guy, and he gets all our numbers, so he can hang out with us again. It was one of those situations where you couldn't say.."no you can't have my number!" After that he walked away and we all look at each other, "So did anyone know him?" ....."nope."
But later that day, I get a call from him. And I answered it... "Hi Megan this is _____ from crossroads today. I just wanted to tell you something that I couldn't tell you earlier, with everyone around and all. But anyways.. I just wanted to tell you how gorgeous your eyes are. I just love them. They are beautiful....." Who  knows what else he said, I was having a hard time keeping a straight face. But I thanked him and told him I was flattered. So around 20 minutes later, he calls again. But this time asking to do something tonight. Ummm ha no I'm definately not going there. Used the, 'me and my roommies are having a girls night' excuse. Horrible but that's just asking for an awkward situation. I don't need any more of those thank you.


So we have this pineapple named spike. Whose friend is skip. But spike rooms with psych. Psych likes to come 'visit' our dorm. But in reality, he's just a creeper. But spike is a player and skip is his comrade. They are all in Perkins way too much.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Staying Busy

Well college is in the full swing now. I'm kept busy with constant homework that never seems to end but it's not too bad. This is much better than being stuck at home with all my friends home and having nothing to do for weeks on end. I have a calling now, and am the Family History Consultant... pretty intense huh. I went to the sand dunes last night and had a bon fire with a ton of random people. I only knew the one person I went with but everyone there was pretty cool. It was really fun. Me and the roommates and cousins went to an 80s dance party friday night which was a party. It was off campus so no cops came by telling us to turn the music down...which is what happened to a girl who threw a dance party in her dorm.
It's nice having the temple so close. Katie and I go running up and around the temple whenever we go for a run. Which is almost every other night... trying to keep off the freshman 15. Or we play ultimate frisbee.
Spence and Quin won their first soccer game, 5-0. Nice job guys! Quin's the coach and spence the assistant coach. So since they won, me and my roommates have to go to their next game.. haha dang. ;) 
Every friday night Katie, Caira and I have a tradition we've started. Movie night after curfew and we sleep in the living room. So we normally start a movie around 1:30... the only movie we've stayed awake for and watched straight through was an episode of Glee. Haha which doesn't really count cause that's only 45 min. But that alright! I love it. We have good times toghether. It's interesting looking at the other girls in the dorms, how they fit each other. Katie Caira and I always think if we would've been put in a different room with those girls... we'd never survive. We fit together so perfectly. Love ya roommies :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flowers Please

These are my freshman roommates. We explored the gardens. No making out just so you know ;) So Katie is the one in black, and Caira in purple. We have fun. I love these girls. What would I do if I wasn't rooming with them? That's a bleak thought.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Everybody Is Ignorant

I was assigned to read the essay "Everybody Is Ignorant, Only on Different Subjects" by Eliot A. Butler. He addressed the definition of the educated person... And I loved it. It's interesting coming from high school, junior high, elementary school where any notion to religion is shunned. Religion is not for school. It has no relation. But coming here, religion is mixed in everything. And it just makes sense. It keeps throwing me off though, I'm not use to it yet. This essay goes into Renaissance men, to Joseph Smith correlating similarities. It's intriguing and brings a clarity of how the gospel should be in all aspects of our life. Here are some quotes that stood out to me from his essay.

An educated person is one who by his or her own initiative and discipline is consciously, vigorously, and continually learning.

If he is educated, the learning must be the result of self-discipline and not the result of demands and pressures from others.

There have been men and women who had grown out of the slave-like position of doing only what was required by pressures from parents or teachers or society, and had found that satisfaction of being free- of doing more than meeting requirements, of learning because it is good to learn.

However narrow the specialist with no rounding out may seem, even more pitable is the generalist with no substance.

The student who chooses a major because its requirements are easily met cheats himself of the opportunity to be taken through a rigorous, if short, introduction to the reasoning, thinking, study, techniques, and challenges of one subject. Having avoided the opportunity to learn discipline he is doomed to superficiality.

Ignorance of one's ignorance is the worst kind of all.

"God himself is limited when men cease to think"

There is no barrier to anyone except one's own self.

The educated person, actively, consciously, and vigorously learning through his own drive, cannot be egotistical about what he or she knows. Each step that increases understanding reveals a large area of ignorance than could be seen before.

Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Ultimate Frisbee is the way to go. We, being Caira, Katie, Aubrey, Spencer, Quinton and me went and grabbed some lazy guys in the boys lounge and got teams going for ultimate frisbee. We played last night too, I just love it. I think we're going to sign up for a team, that would be fun. Give us something to do ;)

But we've found a way around the no shorts rule... hahah if you are doing recreational activities then your allowed shorts, and we even bought special byu Idaho recreational approved work out clothes. So we're always out going to do something 'recreational'... that's our excuse at least to wear shorts. :)
But hey we normally end up playing ultimate or running home so I get our exercise in.

I was browsing through the library in between classes and came across this priceless book :) History of the Young Ladies Mutual Improvement Association

So running back to the dorm, Katie and I came across this GIANT BEETLE! I don't know what it is, but it has pinchers.. and is the size of my pointer finger. Okay I do have small hands, but still that's a pretty good sized bug!

Friday, September 11, 2009


College is different. Idaho is different. BYU-Idaho is different... But I love it.

It's interesting being at a school where each class starts with prayer, your nutrition teacher incorporates her testimony at the end of class, your warm up in choir is singing a hymn, campus shuts down for Tuesday devotionals, textbook essays are a mixture of philosophical and religious views combining to easily clarification, teachers are titled brother or sister instead of mr. and mrs., pictures of Christ and the apostles are in the classrooms, my math teacher quotes scriptures and talks of the importance of learning by the spirit and how it's not necessarily the study of the math book that's important but the study of the scriptures that will help you. I don't think I've ever heard that from a math teacher before.

Things are different here.
This is easily my favorite sign on campus so far.
First day of school!!

Caira, Me and Katie at the (make out) gardens of byui! Never thought you'd hear that term coming from byui ah! scandal!
More at the make out gardens... hahaha apparently there are tons of people that get proposed to here. Not very original any more

There was a dragonfly outside our dorm today.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Well I'm now all moved up at BYU-Idaho. No classes yet though, that all starts Thursday. Right now they've put us into I-teams that you go to devotionals with and play efy games with. So basically I feel like I'm at EFY, which is lame. Very lame. Like you have to play these ridiculous games and stay with the group! Blah just get me into classes, I'll make friends my own way. Even the freshman dance just barely was so jr high or efy. You could barely hear the music and no one was dancing. Obviously, the music was of poor quality and choice. Bad dancing music. So I went off and played some soccer, which was much better. Thank you whoever brought the soccer ball.

So this is our lovely salmon colored bathroom...

And the kitchen... which is pretty nice. I like it

Our living room. We had to rearrange the furniture because it was a feng shui mess. Notice the lovely purple carpet and green couches... picturesque

My wonderful frehsman roommates!! left to right: Caira's from Hawaii. Katie's from Missouri and then myself! this is a gross picture though, it's late at night and none of us have makeup on :)
My awesome bed spread!! Love it.

My side of the room... I've hit my head under the desk already countless times since moving in.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


The only thing cool about watermelons with the seeds.. is the look of the rows of pockets for the seeds.. other then that, it's just a pain.