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Nov. 14, 2001
Dear Journal, 
     My older sister Heather's bone marrow is not making the blood cells. So she has to have a bone marrow transplant. My family went to the hospital on Monday. We each had to have a blood test. Who ever had the same bone marrow as Heather would give some away to Heather. We got my test result back and Amie's. Amie is not a match but the test says that I'm a perfect match! I'm going in today just to make sure that I have everything Heather needs. The first thoughts I had in my mind were "I'm so happy" and at the same time scared. But I know that everything will go well. 

Nov. 14, 2001
Dear Journal,
     Natalie and Nathan are not a match but they match each other. I am the only one who has the same as Heather. We went to the hospital today, me and my mom. We found out a lot about Heather. Heather is going to lose her hair but it will grow back. She might not be able to have children. I went and got more blood taken out of me today. It hurt more then on Monday. I will have to be checked out tomorrow at 12:00. I have to go back up to the hospital. But I'm glad I can still do Manilla Magic and be a soloist. But a bad thing is that Heather will have to live close by the hospital for a while. I feel really sad for Heather. 

Nov. 15, 2001
Dear Journal,
     Today I got checked out again to the hospital. All they did with me was a normal check up. Like eye sight, hearing, breathing and so on. Today I found out that I'm going have an I.V. on my hand when they do the bone marrow transplant. They put me to sleep and then put a needle in my hand with a tube around it. After they have it all in they take the needle out and leave the tube in. When I wake up I'll be in the recovering room. I won't feel like eating much because they also put my stomach to sleep. The hospital gave me a doll to do I.V. on it to understand more. It was fun. When I do the bone marrow transplant Heather and I will have a bone marrow birthday! So Heather and I will have two birthdays a year! I also get to watch my bone marrow go into Heather. 

Nov. 26, 2001
Dear Journal,
     Today I'm going in for surgery. I got to stay at a hotel with my mom and dad. We had to leave the hotel at 5:00 in the morning that day. When we got there we had to get checked in. Then they did a regular check up. I had to get in some hospital pajamas. While I was in the waiting room I had to take some medicine. It was gross! then I got on a wheelchair bed. Then they took me to the operating room. They made me breath into a mask which made me to go sleep. When I woke up I was in a recovery room with  my mom. They wouldn't let me go up and see Heather until I went to the bathroom. When I went up to Heather I got to ride in a wheelchair. I saw my bone marrow in one of those plastic bags. It looked more like a red-ish orange-ish color compared to blood. I thought it would look like yellow-ish green-ish color. When the nurses came in two of them were carrying stuff. I thought it was going to be for Heather and I and I was right! I got a quilt, a beanie baby bear, a balloon, and a poster that said, "Megan you're super, thank you!" Heather gave me a shirt and some long pink pants. They were so cute! Heather got most of the same stuff as me except her poster said, "Happy BMT Birthday Heather!" The BMT stands for bone marrow transplant. 
     Five million is a good number to give away in stem cells from bone marrow. I gave away nine and a half million! Almost double! Now Heather and I can't share a room. We have to get the room downstairs finished before Heather gets home. I miss her. 

I love you Heather. I'm grateful for your example to me. I'm grateful for the bond that we have not only from sisterhood, but also from this experience and opportunity that I had to serve you. I would do it all over again any day. 

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Portrait Found

Hey there, remember this story about my Paris boyfriend? Well, I was in a cleaning mood last night so I attacked a couple shelves in my closet and I found the beloved and "oh so close to likeness" portrait from my french artist. It's a keeper. 

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A Biography

A few things from the book I'm reading right now, Go Forward With Faith: The Biography of Gordon B. Hinckley.

Some quotes about Gordon B. Hinckley's father...

"Father was not interested in the mysteries of the Kingdom. The thing that characterized his religion was its application to everyday life. He had little use for religion that did not register in one's life, that did not manifest itself in his behavior. He never regarded religion as a cloak that could be laid off and put on at one's convenience..."

"I think I have never seen as good a man as he was. He preached the loudest by practice and the least by noise or talk of any man I ever knew."


Gordon's childhood...

"All of the pruning, year after year, yielded an important lesson that embedded itself in Gordon's subconscious: the quality of fruit picked in September is determined by the way the trees are shaped and trimmed in February."

"Over time, Gordon developed a familiarity with good books and came to appreciate what his parents valued - literature and history, learning and education. Years later he concurred with Emerson, who, when asked which of all the books he had read had most affected his life, said that he could no more remember the books he had read than the meals he had eaten, but that they had made him."


"There is nothing that dulls a personality so much as a negative outlook."