Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gateway's Chalk Art Festival

This year I tried out chalking with a team and can I tell you that it's so fun and nice! With all three of us working it still took us eight hours to finish our piece. We didn't finish until 10 pm that night. 
Sadie Dodsen and Amber Johnson were my lovely team members. Can you believe that they've never done chalk art before?! They're amazing and I loved doing this with them!



Saturday, June 8, 2013

Some Things

Beautiful summer is here. I love how late the sun sets and I love the warm weather. Work is always interesting considering the fact that I pick up shifts at five different locations. (AF Hospital, Riverwoods Urgent Care, Utah Valley Sports Medicine Clinic, Provo InstaCare, and American Fork Clinic) Really my schedule just keeps me on my toes.

I'm participating in another chalk art festival this next weekend. I've been stressing quite a bit but things are falling into place and I feel better. Two friends of mine are going to be working with me as well. Our team is called Queens of Chalk and this is the image we're doing...
Very fun yes? I love Alice in Wonderland. I'm stoked! 

I went to Texas for the first time last weekend. Houston, Texas it was, where the humidity is abundant and the traffic even more. But don't worry, I had a fantastic time!
Case in point.

*Kemah Boardwalk*