Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Get Happy

Another Judy Garland song that I'm obsessed with right now. 

And guess who's leaving for Washington and Oregon Thursday morning? Yes sir, me. Family reunion and then the beach house. Perfect place to throw my cares away and get happy.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Freedom and a Memory

Remember how I was having a really hard time with my job? Well, after I posted that my sister called me the next morning to talk with me about how things were going. She told me I should just get a different job! I know that seems completely obvious, but I honestly thought and felt like I was trapped in this job and wasn't going to be out of there anytime soon. Which added to the dread. But then it was a light bulb and I thought, "this is America, I can get a different job if I want!" I know, little ridiculous that it hadn't struck me before. So last Saturday was my last day working, and now I am free of that job. I haven't heard back from hardly any of the places that I applied to so I'm still looking. I would really love to find any type of work in a hospital or radiology office so I can work more towards what I'm going into. Find a job that will help me with my career. We'll see how that goes. But it's nice to be free for these next few days before my family jets off for a vacation. Once I get home I'll start to job search again. Any suggestions?

On another note, I found this movie on youtube today. Can I tell you how much I love this song? When I was visiting my dear cousin Caitlyn in Georgia when we were both very young, we decided we wanted to learn this song! Well, the lyrics are absolutely no where online and we couldn't find anything about it. (I think this was 8 years ago or so and I'm sure the internet was nothing like it is now.) Anyways, we stayed up until 2 or 3 that night, watching this scene on VHS, pausing it, writing down the lyrics we could remember, starting the scene up again while trying to write everything, pausing, writing, rewinding, over and over again until we had written down all the lyrics ourselves. Next we went on to memorize the different parts and perfect the enunciation. I sung the guys lines (because I was slightly sick and couldn't sing high at all) and my cousin took over the girls lines. We performed it the next morning to my aunt and anyone around that would listen to us. To this day we still slightly remember the lyrics and laugh about that night every time we talk about it. I love spending time with cousins.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Get Together

Remember how I went on a choir tour to Europe? Well, I miss all of those lovely friends that I made on that trip. We periodically have reunions which make me miss Europe and our adventures that much more. But it had been a long while since our last reunion and since I am now known as "dictator Megan" in our group, I was asked to plan another reunion.
This was the first reunion where all of our guys are off on missions! It was strange, and there were only a small handful of us that could get together. But no matter, I loved it all the same. 

I got us dinner reservations at Buca di Beppo at their kitchen table. If you've never been there, go. It's so good. And I must pass along the advice given from my sister to get the Italian pear soda. It's completely out of this world good. I can't even describe it except that I wanted 10 to-go cups to take home with me.

We played around at Gateway while waiting to go to a concert and of course we had to try on the most ridiculous outfits we could find. 

I honestly don't know how they make money stocking the store with garbage like this. 

Angel, Mary Jane, Brianna, Me

 Of course we had to hit up the tracks. It's practically a necessity with a trip to Salt Lake. 

Love those girls so much. I miss being with them all the time. I miss all the inside jokes that got created from our circumstances. As strange as it sounds I miss always watching out for Brianna. (I'm pretty sure we saved her life/saved her from getting lost almost everyday in Europe. No joke. I really don't know how she's lived this long.) But life never stops. I'm just glad we get the chance to get together every now and then. It honestly needs to happen more. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I love you dad.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Child Stars

Firstly, I'm absolutely obsessed with this recording and listen to it daily. I love Judy Garlands younger voice. (I love her voice anyways but this is just good.) She's 16 in this recording, which baffles my mind. She looks so much younger! But her voice is mature. 

The next child star I want you to listen to is Julie Andrews. She's 12 in this recording and honestly I don't even feel like singing after I hear her because I have no chance. 
But still, her voice is exquisite and she is truly talented. 

Last one, and she is not a child star in the sense of talent, but more just because she became a hit off of disney channel and now she thinks she has the voice of the ages. 
All I have to say is, what happened to real talent? I mean I know there's amazing talent out there in kids but why the heck is all the publicity on people like Miley Cyrus?! (And yes I completely dislike her.)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mission Call

Have I ever introduced you to my brother before? Well, this is Nate. Sometimes I call him Nathaniel. (No his full name isn't Nathaniel, just Nathan, but I like giving it that extra bit.) I love this boy with all my heart. He's about a year and a half younger then me, turning 19 in September which equals a mission. I can't believe that he's old enough to go on a mission. It weirds me out because he shouldn't be that old and it means I've been out of high school for two years now. 

Right before going downstairs to open up his call. (Yeah, he was nervous and shaking.)

I'm so proud of my little brother, for living the way he should and for the choices he has made in his life. We've been able to grow a lot closer ever since being in high school together. I remember when Nate got angry at me for not telling him about dating someone or whatever was going on there and so ever since then we made a pact. He would give me updates on everything and in return I would tell him everything that was going on. It's been fun. When I was living up in Idaho I would get random calls from him sometimes and he would say, "Okay Megan, here's my update. Now tell me yours..." 
Goodness I'm going to miss him when he leaves. 
October 5th, 2011. MTC, and then off to Cleveland, Ohio. 
Love you Nate. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A World of Half Trees

 This post is dedicated to all the trees out there that sacrificed their limbs for human advancement. Thank you. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Work Sucks

Okay I'm facing it, my job sucks. And I know, I'm lucky to have a job... But jeez best way to kill a summer is with a crap-o-la job that you dread going to every night before you go to bed. I don't think my body likes it either. I've been having a lot of weird reactions going on lately, stomach flu, allergic reactions, coughing, more allergic reactions. I'm starting to think it's the work place. (Okay so I'm stretching to blame everything on work). I wish I was back in school right now. I love school. I can't wait to start my program in the fall. Holy crap the end of this month can't come fast enough. Because guess what? Once we hit June 30th, I am out of here on vacation for a good week and a half! Goodbye work!! And then I'll just have to last through to the school year. I've already decided this is only a summer job. No way I'm working there and trying to figure out this program. Talk about more stress than I care for.
Anyways that's about as exciting as my life is right now. Dread work, work, get home and enjoy not being at work, start dreading work again.
But I will have to say, today was my day off. (Praise everything.) And it was a fantastic day. Worked on mostly everything I wanted to and more. Love not working.