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Switching from Teachings of the Living Prophets institute class to Parables of Christ was the best decision I've made so far this semester. This class is going to be fantastic.

Would you like to know something about sectional anatomy? I've always thought that when you are looking at an axial slice (a slice cut through the body horizontally), it's from the view of you looking down. That would mean that at the top of the page you have the front of the body, at the bottom you have the back, the left side is the left side of the body and the right is the right. Well guess what? I'm completely wrong. It's as if you are looking up. So you take the picture and hold the slide above your head and look up at it and suddenly you realize that the patient would be facing you which now means the the left side of the patient is on the right side of the page and the right side of the patient is now on the left side of the page. And you are looking up. Up! I can't even describe how much of a difference that makes. My brain had a serious issue trying to get over that fact and understand what I was looking at in class. Ridiculous.

But don't worry. I'm catching on. The workbook is making sense as I guess and check my way through the slices.

In other news, I leave for Vegas in a month. Which means that my birthday is in a month.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let's See That Axial Slice

Sectional Anatomy...
This class completely scares me.
I thought I had anatomy decently understood. I passed all of my anatomy labs with flying colors. But this, this is a whole new level of having to know EXACTLY where things are. Having to know that the carotid artery is always more medial and smaller then the jugular vein. Having to know that the sternocleidomastoid muscle is lateral to the strap muscles. Blah blah blah.
Doesn't this sound exciting?

And apparently the anatomy and positioning class and the physics class are both on the same day now. My brain is not going to like Mondays.
I have a feeling that this semester might kick my butt.

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New Year

I remember last year, looking around trying to find my new years resolutions from the year before to see how I had done and was unable to find them anywhere. I resolved to be more aware of my goals and I've improved immensely. A couple of my goals were completely out there, never even got close to accomplishing them. Wishful thinking on my part. But there were others that I was aware of every week of the year. Some of my old goals I'll continue into 2012 either because I still need help in that area, or because it was just a great goal to keep. But I'm excited for the new one's I've made. It's going to be good.

Last year I lived in the basement of a house, 8 girls total. I didn't know anyone. They are some of the best girls I have ever lived with and that semester was definitely my favorite. It was one of my best decisions to stay that winter semester and finish my degree early. I got my associates and graduated from BYU-Idaho. I got accepted into my radiology technician program through Weber. I went to Disneyland. I got a job that lasted a month. I found out that I was going to be an aunt. I had a second cousin ask for my number at a dance. I learned a lot more as always from dating someone. I posed for a portrait painting art class. I got a 3.95 GPA on my first semester in my program. I started an x-ray collection. I started learning how to decorate cakes. I started training to run a 5K. I got a new job.

Life is good. I am incredibly blessed. I'm a lucky girl. Happy New Year.