Monday, March 22, 2010


This last week I was able to take a road trip with my two cousins Kent and Quinton, where we headed up to Washington to see Spencer before his mission and to hang out with family! I stayed with Uncle David and Aunt Lynette and each of the days I would spend time with one of the aunts and their family. There are so many young cousins up in Washington, it's so much fun. I haven't seen a lot of the family up there for a long time, so it was good to spend time with them. Most of the pictures I took involve my little cousin Mia, whose around 3 I believe. I took other pictures of my Aunt Jenna's kids, but she let me use her amazing camera, so she has all those pictures. I'll have to get them from her, cause I really liked the pictures.
So here are some of my favorites of Mia...

She is adorable and a chunker. Very cute. I was also able to play with Aunt Jenna's kids at the park. We fed ducks, played on the playground, they recieved countless under doggies from me on the swings, we went on a walk and ended with a movie at their house. I guess from not being around such young kids for a while, I've forgotten how much energy they have. But then they're able to crash once they sit in a car for over 5 minutes. It's great. I wish I had the pictures from Aunt Jenna's camera... dang. Oh well.

I spent some time with Aunt Jeanine watching a chick flick with 2 of her girls, and her 5 year old, Maddie, gave me a little foot massage. haha she's going to be awesome when she grows up.  I played racquetball with my Aunt Lynette and her racquetball buds. Those ladies are intense. I was definately intimidated but I had fun.

My cousin Aubrey, whose my age and roomming with me next semester took me to a little food place in the ghettos. haha it was crazy. There's a park across the street where only gangs go. Someone was shot there a couple years ago. It's a scary looking park I'll have to say. But the ice cream was really good.  The place is called Ron's Taco and Burger. There's just a little window where you order your food, or you drive thru. But at night they put up bars in the windows so you can't reach through... it's crazy. There are definately creepers out there. But it was fun.

But I love my family and I'm so grateful for them for letting me stay with them and hang out up there! I have the coolest cousins, and good luck Spencer with your mission at the Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos mission. I'm so excited for you. :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let's Make Dessert

I may just become the most loved roommate up at college this spring semester... reasons?
1. Well for starters it's me... what more can I say? haha nah just messing.
2. But for reals, skookie pans. Brilliant.

3. And finally a crepe maker. I know. This is monumental.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Wisdom Teeth

Today was the removal of my wisdom teeth. Exciting no? I'd just like to say that I'm extremely glad I was put asleep. My two lowers were both impacted and part of the bone had to be chipped off, and my uppers were partial bone impacted. And with my size and weight, if I had stayed awake and they given me all the pain meds they could and if I could still feel pain, ohhh that would've been bad. I would've had to go back and have them finish up the job! Good grief no, lets get this done in one throw please.

But it did, so that's grand. I don't remember too much. Mom recorded enough of me to show what my true thoughts were. Firstly Jon, I just wanted to talk to him and make his day better. That boy likes to think that he can do everything all the time. He wears himself out. But he's amazing anyways, aced his test today. The other thing I was concerned with a lot while I was out-of-it was if the doctors talked about me behind my back while I was asleep... I was so sure that they did. I'll have to post the video once I figure how to get it onto my computer though. We all had good laughs watching it on the tv with the family... good times.