Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pumpkin Carving

I love pumpkin carving. It's my favorite thing about Halloween. Scott on the other hand, hates basically every aspect of Halloween, including carving pumpkins. :( Don't be fooled by him smiling in this picture, he was actually mad because I was taking a picture instead of opening the door. 
But, being the gracious husband that he is, he finally agreed to carve one pumpkin. 
I just find it funny that he had to find the largest pumpkin in the bin to carve.

Have I told you that we have an awesome ward? Well, we do.
We got together with two other families in the ward and all carved pumpkins. It was so nice to be with friends and have a big group carving. That's how it always was for me at home so I'm glad this year Scott and I could get out and be with friends from the ward.

Scott's pumpkin. If you aren't familiar with hunting items, it's the Browning symbol.

This year I felt like going for a classic Halloween image.

Here's some of the other pumpkins carved. Don't you love the puking pumpkin and the pumpkin eating someone... haha classic.

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Annie said...

Blake hates Halloween, too! He warmed up a little bit when I got Eliza an adorable cow costume last year... :)